Welcome to thesiteowl.com ! I’m Ivan Jordon.

So, a bit about me. I collect models which keeps me out of trouble and fuels my creative side. I have a couple of tattoos and I’m hoping to get more soon. I do love a bit on ink on the body. Ermm I could probably ramble on, and I’ll probably change this pretty soon.. But yeah hey :). I have a warm and welcoming smile, I’m a good listener, easy going, and I love harmonious surroundings. I enjoy light conversation that encompass all aspects of social and self beliefs… Oh and I’m totally hopeless at having to talk about myself so if you would like to know more just ask ! I like going out with friends, fitness and treating my body well, holidays and visiting new places, playing sports, going to gigs and festivals. Anywhere in the Caribbean or the Maldives. I would love to travel the world & get to explore new places.

How thesiteowl.com is financed

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But it doesn’t mean the reviews here are biased and hyped to force you into buying the products. That’s not the case. Keep in mind that thesiteowl.com reviews are honest and straightforward to help you make wise buying decisions.